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I love giving freebies away to my reader friends. One of my favorites is a novella I wrote called The Gingerbread Princess, which is based on the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel. Subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send it right over!

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I can’t include everything I learn in the course of my research in the book, so please feel free to take a deep dive into my characters.


I’m only human, and sometimes mistakes make it into my work. I try to laugh about it, so please laugh with me as I come clean in my blooper file!

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I’m a writer who loves other writers. I’m not sure if my advice or insights are all that helpful for others, but feel free to check them out!

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What’s New In Historical Fiction? – Event Sign Up

What’s New In Historical Fiction? – Event Sign Up

  What's New in Historical Fiction is a regular panel series featuring historical novelists with new and upcoming titles. Mark your calendars for this event that you can attend in your pajamas! Join Stephanie Dray as she...

Cover Reveal for Becoming Madam Secretary

Cover Reveal for Becoming Madam Secretary

It's here, it's here, at long last it's here. And isn't it beautiful? What I love about it is the sense of motion and power; this is a lady who has people to see and things to do. It's like she's marching on the capitol building. Now, yes, of course I'm going to get...


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