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Let’s Put Lafayette On The Map!

In 1824, Lafayette made his Farewell Tour, visiting all twenty-four of the then United States. In anticipation of Independence Day I'd like to see him in all 50 states, and you can help! [video width="1080" height="1080"...

About My Research Trip to France

I give up all the goods in this article here on Literary Hub. And here are a few pictures of the things I describe.

Tasting History with Max Miller & The Women of Chateau Lafayette

My fabulously talented friend Max Miller and I were talking about his popular food show, "Tasting History" when I suggested that he do an episode featuring some food from Lafayette's day. I provided him with a wedding menu that was posted to the wall at the Chateau de...

Stephanie’s Favorite Holiday Cookies

  Who doesn't love cookies? I was delighted to learn, while writing My Dear Hamilton with co-author Laura Kamoie, that it was the Dutch New Netherland families like the Schuylers who first brought cookies to America. Now, of course, Dutch cookies tend to be a...

A Jeffersonian Recipe

Jeffersonian Pasta with Ham & Peas 16 oz. dry pasta (whichever kind you like, but I prefer fettucini) 1/2 pound diced ham or bacon 3 shallots sliced 8 ounces white sliced mushrooms 2 cloves garlic 1 cup dry white wine 1/2 cup peas 1/3 cup chopped parsley 1/2 heavy...

10 Times American Politics Were Worse Than Now…For Now Anyway

American politics is rough right now. You might've lost friends on Facebook. You might've lost friends in real life. You might've even ended up in a food fight over last Thanksgiving dinner with your drunk uncle. And I don't want to make light of that, because our...

Summer Bucket List for History Lovers

Summer time and the living is easy? Time is running out to squeeze the most out of the warm weather that you can. But it's sharing experiences that makes for great memories with friends and family--and there's no better way to make memories than to make a connection...
Painting of the Sabine Women

Ancient Rome: A City of Firsts

I haven't personally verified all the facts in this infographic, but it's so amazing that I hope it's all true. Ancient Rome: A City of Firsts [Infographic] | Daily Infographic.

Letter from Marie Jacinthe de Botidoux

Laura Kamoie and I get a lot of questions about the basis of William Short's character in America's First Daughter. The wonderful Megan Brett did me and my co-author a solid last weekend and went to UVA to help us find a letter in which one of Patsy Jefferson's...

Facial Reconstruction of Cleopatra and More

Ok, I just love these videos and could watch them all day, so I'm sharing them with you now.

African Mud Fish: An Ancient Delicacy

Today I'm taking part in the Summer Banquet Blog Hop in which readers will discover wonderful new historical fiction...and more than a little bit about new foods and culinary trivia. I'm not giving away a prize because I apparently forgot to sign up properly, but...

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A really great program about Lafayette and his legacy of human rights:

A recent event:

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