It’s here, it’s here, at long last it’s here. And isn’t it beautiful? What I love about it is the sense of motion and power; this is a lady who has people to see and things to do. It’s like she’s marching on the capitol building. Now, yes, of course I’m going to get some of you saying that Frances Perkins was known for dressing in all black and wearing a tricorn hat–and that she was particularly dowdy during the Great Depression. All that is true. The middle-aged Frances didn’t want her clothing to be the story and she certainly didn’t want to be seen dressing expensively while the country starved. Moreover, her tricorne hat had, at this point, become iconic.

However, from newspaper articles, that she did sometimes wear blue and there are some wonderful photos of her in a cloche hat, so this outfit is not unheard of. And before she was a middle-aged government official, she was once a stylish young woman, so I think the outfit is still in keeping with her spirit!

See a little video I made about her below: