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Wine Pairing for Book Clubs, Courtesy of Chateau Lafayette Reneau

One of the most enjoyable evenings I've had recently was an event with Adventures by the Book, co-hosted with the marvelous winery, Chateau Lafayette Reneau in the Fingerlake region of New York State. I used to travel there sometimes with my grandparents, who liked to...

Book Club Kit for The Women of Chateau Lafayette

I can't wait for readers to dig into my new novel. There's so much for book clubs to explore. Three wars, three women, one world-changing legacy, and the French castle at the heart of it all. Dig into this guide for all sorts of help in making an unforgettable evening...

Wine and Dine like the Women of Chateau Lafayette

Alright, so, most of the time the women in my newest novel are either hungry or making do with peasant food. But that doesn't mean your book club should suffer! I offer here some fun, thematic ideas for your book club menu Beverages The Cur Non In celebration of the...

Book Club Guide for Ribbons of Scarlet

We had so much fun writing this book, and we want you to have so much fun reading it! That's why we put together this fun booklet of bonus materials that will provide an evening of entertainment and enlightenment for your group.

Book Club Fun with My Dear Hamilton

Considering taking your book club on the road? Plan a trip to Albany to visit Schuyler Mansion. Here's a guide to help. And a fun little video to get you in the mood.  

Book Club Guide for America’s First Daughter

If you're ready to book club Jeffersonian style, my co-author Laura Kamoie and I have this fun resource for you! It includes food, beverage and musical ideas, plus some little tidbits you might not have known. And, if you're looking for a Jeffersonian recipe to cook,...

Book Club Guide for DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE!

Careful! Spoilers might be ahead. But if you've already read the book, here are some questions to help you think through it. Just click here or on the image below and it will bring up the PDF. And if you want to chat or ask me any questions about it, the comments...

Book Club Kit for Lily of the Nile

Ah, my debut novel. I was a neophyte, but I knew that I wanted readers to have this discussion guide. But wait, there's more. There's also this little printable book club kit to help you enjoy an evening with the ancients, bringing the past to life in a thematic night...

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Book clubs are my favorite!  I’d love to visit with yours. All my scheduling is done through Novel Network, a service that arranges an online visit either by Zoom, Google Chat, Facebook, Skype, or phone. And I’m happy to do Q&A.

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