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We spent an unforgettable hour with author Stephanie Dray. All members responded that it was “wonderful.” ~Mary Ann Devolld

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Book clubs are my favorite!  I’d love to visit with yours. All my scheduling is done through Novel Network, a service that arranges an online visit either by Zoom, Google Chat, Facebook, Skype, or phone. And I’m happy to do Q&A.

Please sign up and request that I visit your book club!

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I can’t include everything I learn in the course of my research in the book, so please feel free to take a deep dive into my characters.


I’m only human, and sometimes mistakes make it into my work. I try to laugh about it, so please laugh with me as I come clean in my blooper file!

Book Club Discussion Guides & Resources

Discussion Questions for Song of the Nile

Discussion Questions for Song of the Nile

On the Story Is Helios alive or is he a manifestation of the part of Selene’s soul that helps her survive the worst moments of her life? After Selene was violated, Livia to offer her a cup of poison to wash away the dishonor. Did Selene have anything to be ashamed...

Book Club Kit for Lily of the Nile

Book Club Kit for Lily of the Nile

Ah, my debut novel. I was a neophyte, but I knew that I wanted readers to have this discussion guide. But wait, there's more. There's also this little printable book club kit to help you enjoy an evening with the ancients, bringing the past to life in a thematic night...

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