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I can’t include everything I learn in the course of my research in the book, so please feel free to take a deep dive into my characters.


I’m only human, and sometimes mistakes make it into my work. I try to laugh about it, so please laugh with me as I come clean in my blooper file!

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I’m a writer who loves other writers. I’m not sure if my advice or insights are all that helpful for others, but feel free to check them out!

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Let’s Put Lafayette On The Map!

Let’s Put Lafayette On The Map!

In 1824, Lafayette made his Farewell Tour, visiting all twenty-four of the then United States. In anticipation of Independence Day I'd like to see him in all 50 states, and you can help! [video width="1080" height="1080"...

Tasting History with Max Miller & The Women of Chateau Lafayette

Tasting History with Max Miller & The Women of Chateau Lafayette

My fabulously talented friend Max Miller and I were talking about his popular food show, "Tasting History" when I suggested that he do an episode featuring some food from Lafayette's day. I provided him with a wedding menu that was posted to the wall at the Chateau de...


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