“Stephanie Dray’s Lily of the Nile is a spectacular blend of history and unforgettable fiction…Lily of the Nile is a fresh and vibrant story of family, loyalty, political games, and love. It’s exquisitely written and left me begging for more. The only letdown was that it had to end.” ~ San Francisco Book Review

Also, a review from Read My Mind. This is the first review that validates my presence on twitter.

“The reader spends most of the time feeling Selene’s displacement, and her struggle to maintain herself, in the midst of a culture that seemingly does not value anything she has been brought up to cherish.” ~AliseOnLife

And a review from the lovely Lynn Spencer from All About Romance:

“The author’s vision of a very faraway time and place kept me reading. Cleopatra Selene is an intelligent narrator and watching her grow up and reinvent herself following the death of her parents and her own captivity in Rome makes for compelling reading.” ~Lynn Spencer of All About Romance

I particularly enjoyed this review because I felt like this reviewer really shared my passions and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish:

“A stunning novel that looks at how important Cleopatra Selene was to history, how her Ptolemaic heritage would eventually shape her future kingdom of Mauretania, and a look at how the Isaic faith was the forerunner of Christianity…the blending of Isaic magic and actual history give Lily of the Nile a flavor that’s all its own and allows it to stand out amongst the other countless historical novels in the aisles of Barnes and Noble.” ~Amanda Ferris, CamelClutchBlog

And last, but certainly not least, the short and sweet…

“LILY OF THE NILE is so vivid and lyrical I felt like I was standing beside Princess Cleopatra Selene throughout her inspirational journey. Stephanie Dray’s historical debut is meticulously researched and sets the bar for Cleopatra novels.” ~Julie from That’s Swell!