June 11, 2012

There isn’t much in the way of free historical fiction out there that wasn’t written a hundred years ago. I’m doing my small part to change that.

I was asked to participate in a young adult anthology this year with twelve other great authors including luminaries like Diana Peterfreund. My contribution to the anthology certainly stands out because while most of the other stories in the collection are paranormal or contemporaries, mine is pure historical fiction with a bleak style. It stars one of Cleopatra Selene’s ancestral heroines, Queen Arsinoe II, one of history’s most notorious survivors.

Arsinoe II, not Cleopatra, was the first female pharaoh of the dynasty. She was also an Olympic gold medalist, the Queen of Thrace, a living goddess, and the reason for incestuous brother-sister marriage in the Ptolemaic royal family. She was known for being extremely clever and manipulative, good to her friends, ruthless to her enemies.

I wanted to know how she got that way, so I penned the story THE PRINCESS OF EGYPT MUST DIE and now you can grab it free in the ETERNAL SPRING anthology on Amazon for your kindle or on Smashwords in any format you like for any reader. The print version will still cost you, but the e-book is free. I’d love to hear your thoughts!