Hey readers! Today I’m taking part in Historical Snippet Sunday. Here’s a six sentence teaser from my latest work, DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE which is now available for pre-order:

I will never see my mother’s Egypt again, I think. The closest I will ever come to touching my native soil is to bathe in the same sea of green that caresses its shores. So, each morning, I go down to the water where the frothing waves tumble over themselves and the brine-scented spray leaves salty kisses upon my cheeks. Squinting into the brightness, I might imagine the lighthouse gleaming white in the harbor is a far-off vision of the Pharos of Alexandria. But the breeze that sweeps over the forest of ships’ masts reminds me that this is my kingdom of Mauretania. This wind carries with it no song of the Nile, but the melodic voices of my Berber fishermen, singing as they haul in their nets.

Hope you enjoyed that. Please check out the FB pages of these other historical authors today to see the snippets they’re offering!