As part of my continued participation in the weekly Six Sentence Sunday exercise with other authors, here’s another snippet from my debut novel LILY OF THE NILE: A NOVEL OF CLEOPATRA’S DAUGHTER:

The Roman guard actually put his unclean hands on our wizard’s holy person. I watched, aghast, trying to ignore the curious motion within the basket, an echo of the fear that snaked around my heart. Then the ill-mannered guard approached me and I held my basket out to him, hoping he’d reach inside, hoping that whatever evil spirit lurked there would fly out and strike him dead!

But the guard sniffed dismissively and waved me through like a peasant. It was the first time, but not the last time, I realized how easily Romans discounted a girl. Of course, my mother had learned that lesson long ago.

Would readers like me to continue exerpting Lily of the Nile or would you rather read excerpts from the sequel, SONG OF THE NILE?

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