Photos of Cleopatra Selene’s Lost World

November 15, 2011

The ancient kingdom of Mauretania, once ruled by Juba II and Cleopatra Selene, is lost to the sands of time. But there are the ruins. I’ve posted photos of the area near Selene’s capital city, Iol-Caesaria, modern-day Cherchell Algeria. Now, thanks to Aaron Sakulich, I have the opportunity to share some images of the other major city of Mauretania: Volubilis. I’m amazed at the majesty these ruins hint at. I can imagine Selene riding a carriage along this road, passing under the triumphal arch, and walking in the shade of these columned avenues. I can see her feet sweeping along these mosaics, or climbing these stairs. Let’s take a little journey back in time.

6 Responses to Photos of Cleopatra Selene’s Lost World

  • The mosaic work takes my breath away. These pictures are fantastic!

  • Thank you for sharing these photos! I can clearly imagine her walking up the stairs and looking out upon her city. Such emotion these ruins create, how awe inspiring it would be to see it in its full glory.

  • It’s so easy to imagine her walking down those streets. I love mosaics. I really want to try to make one, but I can’t even begin to know where to start. Isn’t it interesting that the swastika used to be a sign for peace? Now it just evokes hate. Anyway, lovely pictures.

  • wow great photos would love to see this place mosaics look fantastic
    thank for sharing

  • These photos are amazing. I can only imagine what it must’ve been like to have been alive in her time. To wear chiffon tunics. Breath taking really. Everyone should read Cleopatra’s Daughter. It’s about Cleopatra Selene from the time of her mothers death to when she marrys Juba. You’ll be amazed at the fine detail and the greatly sculpted characters. It’s written my Michelle Moran. Lovely pictures !