Summer Bucket List

Summer time and the living is easy? Time is running out to squeeze the most out of the warm weather that you can. But it’s sharing experiences that makes for great memories with friends and family–and there’s no better way to make memories than to make a connection with the past. If you’re a history lover, this a list for you!

  1. Go Camping
  2. Make Homemade Ice Cream (using Thomas Jefferson’s recipe)
  3. Read a good Historical Fiction Book
  4. Have a treasure hunt in the house for anything that’s more than 50 years old.
  5. Host a Historical Themed Dinner Party
  6. Go Fishing (for dinner)
  7. Picnic at a Historic Park
  8. Pick your own fruit
  9. Visit a Historical House
  10. Historical Movie Night
  11. Family Game Night with Old Fashioned Games
  12. Watch Fireworks
  13. Build a Sandcastle
  14. Make Jam
  15. Press Flowers
  16. Sit on a Porch Swing watching Fireflies
  17. Fly a Kite (Ben Franklin Approves!)
  18. Go to a concert
  19. Climb a tree
  20. Go Hiking on a History Trail