“Stephanie Dray weaves a brilliantly crafted story. Rich is details, plot, and character…an amazing start of a brilliant trilogy. I simply cannot wait to read what comes next.” 5 crowns from Royal Reviews

“Nothing short of breathtaking…” Errant Dreams Reviews

“Augustus was brilliantly done by the author. His thoughts, motivations and life were so clear. I could see and understand his personality perfectly… I found myself so interested in what I did learn that I’m anxious to find many more books about this time period, culture and family. I have a couple books that I’ve put off reading that I’m anxious to read now, so this book has definitely inspired me. I am very excited for the next book, Song of the Nile! I give this one 5/5 moons.” Candace’s Book Blog

“This was the perfect blend of historical fiction and magic… I can guarantee if you love anything Egyptian like me you will love this new take on one of history’s most monumental Queens. Recommended highly for historical fiction lovers.” Historically Obsessed

“I loved this book!  I couldn’t put it down…using an analogy of fabric, fiction for me is generally a comfortable cotton weave, this book, Lily of the Nile is a strong and rich brocade. This book was dense, meaning rich with detail and story lines…I enjoyed every moment of reading this book and can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy!” Kelly’s Lucky You

“In this sparkling historical novel…the elegant use of language, fully realised characterisation, adept play of tension and conflict all combine in Lily of the Nile to create an exciting read.” Lily Azerad-Goldman, Bookpleasures.com

“LILY OF THE NILE is a must-read for book clubs who enjoy historical fiction. The story is wonderful, but the characters are even more interesting to talk about. There is a great reading guide in the back of the book. I mean really great — and unlike any other I’ve seen!” Booking Mama

“The ending really makes all of Selene’s struggles…worth it. It is a powerful setup for the next book, and I’m looking forward to reading it.” Sniffly Kitty