“With clear prose, careful research, vivid detail and a dash of magic, Stephanie Dray brings true life to one of Egypt’s most intriguing princesses.”

Susan Fraser King, bestselling and award winning author of Queen Hereafter and Lady MacBeth

“Graceful history infused with subtle magic and veiled ancient mysteries, at a time of immense flux and transition. Cleopatra Selene — regal, stoic, and indomitable daughter of the legendary pharaoh-queen Cleopatra–carries on the spirit of her mother, the goddess Isis, and the soul of Egypt itself into the lair of the conquering imperial enemy. Selene, whose skin speaks the words of queen and goddess in blood, channels the dynastic pride that is her birthright, and seals the fate of the Roman Empire.  Meticulously researched, thoroughly believable, this is a different kind of book, and a true achievement.”

Vera Nazarian, two-time Nebula Award nominated author of Lords of Rainbow and Mansfield Park and Mummies

“In this account of the fate of Cleopatra’s daughter in the household of Augustus Caesar, Dray reveals the same events we’ve seen in Rome and I,Claudius from a very different perspective, that of a teen-age girl. Cleopatra Selene has unusual gifts and problems, but her struggle to understand herself and her destiny is universal. The glimpses of the cult of Isis leave one wanting to know more, and the story keeps you turning the pages until the end.”

Diana Paxson, bestselling author and collaborator on the Mists of Avalon series

“Selene is the best kind of heroine. I loved reading about her journey from orphaned child to empowered young woman in Lily of the Nile. Stephanie Dray writes brilliant and compelling stories!”

Sabrina Darby, Author of the highly acclaimed On These Silken Sheets