I Discuss Cleopatra Selene with Chick History

This isn’t your typical promo interview. This is an NPR-style in-depth discussion of the life of Cleopatra Selene and Juba. Other than my hideous mispronunciations and my niggling fear that I wasn’t quite precise enough in some of my answers, I think it went extremely well and that even people who have read the novels will learn new things in this interview. Also, there’s a slide-show that accompanies the talk. Please let me know what you think!

How the Asteroid Kleopatra Got Its Moons

I’m not normally a science junkie, but I couldn’t resist this news from the UC Berkley’s News Center, starting with, “The asteroid Kleopatra, like its namesake, the last pharaoh and queen of Egypt, gave birth to twins – two moons probably spawned by the asteroid sometime in the past 100 million years.”

As it turns out, the moons are actually named after Alexander Helios and Kleopatra Selene, so I appear to have a new favorite asteroid!