Giving away Copies of Daughters of the Nile at DarkoverCon this coming weekend!

November 23, 2013

Here in Maryland, it’s a tradition that DarkoverCon is held on the weekend after Thanksgiving. This will be the last of its name–it’s turning into ChessieCon next year. But in its last run in this incarnation, I’ll be giving away advanced copies of Daughters of the Nile before it officially goes on sale December third, so here’s your chance to get an early copy for free!

I’ll also be participating in several panels. If you’d like to come out and chat, here’s my schedule:

Friday, November 29

4-5pm: DarkoverCon and the Feminist Agenda – Chesapeake: Fandom has long had a reputation as a bastion of “guys” and “guy stuff”. Does DarkoverCon run counter to that paradigm? If so, why? Cipra(M), Dray, Jones, Sonnier.

6-7pm: The Romance Invasion – Greenspring 3-5: How has the “Romance” genre affected the F&SF genres? What Romance themes or motifs have become a part of F&SF art and literature? Has this inclusion changed, spoiled, or widened the possibilities for the F&SF genres? If so, how? Hammond(M), Carter, Dray, Kurtz, Edghill.


Saturday, November 30

11am: Reading – Timonium Room

2-3pm: KaffeeKlatch: Board Room

4-5pm: Autograph Session – All Guests – Greenspring Ballrom 3-5

6-7pm: The “Woman with a Sword” Phenomenon – Chesapeake: Take your pick: from Robert E. Howard’s “Red Sonya” (a 16th Century Russian warrior-woman) to Marvel’s “Red Sonja” (a swordswoman of the Hyborian Age); from C.L. Moore’s “Jirel of Joiry” (a wandering Fantasy swordswoman) to J.A. Pitts’s “Sara Beauhall” (a Urban Fantasy lesbian blacksmith) and Revolution’s “Charlie Matheson”. And it seems that dozens of new book covers feature pictures of sword-wielding, leather-clad women. Why the attraction? Is “the woman with a sword” motif a guaranteed “winning combination” for a writer or an artist? Cipra(M), Edghill, Dray, Harmon, Pierce.



2-3pm: Q&A for Authors – Greenspring 3-5: : Is there something you’ve really wanted to ask one of the attending authors but haven’t had a chance to ask yet? Well, here’s your chance to ask! Heise(M), Edghill, Sakers, Rochelle, Carter, Scott, Wisoker, Aire, MacMillan, Dray, Morland, Satifka, Pierce, Kurtz, Friedman, Crawford, Jones, Pinsker.