Quick RWA 2013 Update for Historical Authors

July 24, 2013

I met with several editors at RWA 2013 this year and I was gratified to hear that editors are actively acquiring romances set in the 19th Century, with a particular emphasis on the World Wars, the Edwardian period and the 1920s.

Harlequin emphasized their unusual historical authors, including Blythe Gifford, Jeannie Lin and Michelle Willingham.

More later!

2 Responses to Quick RWA 2013 Update for Historical Authors

  • I look forward to hearing what you heard about these time periods. Thanks for posting this initial report anyway!

  • Me? They mentioned me???? (Slack-jawed delight.)

    But seriously, the Harlequin Historical line is welcoming of well written stories, no matter what the time period. Do keep them on your query list.